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Listen to a testimonial from Jillyn Sidlo of Celestial Rottweilers in Tampa, Florida:

Mickey"We have seen a BIG change in my dog Mickey. He was always laying around and not getting up and not wanting to play like he use to. We started him on this product about three weeks ago and my dog is like a NEW dog. I'm so happy that my dog Mickey has changed and plays with me now! He's 10 years old now and acting like a little puppy. He got hit about 7 years ago by my brother, and has been having back problems ever since. When we put him on this product he has been acting like he has no problem with his back. I love how my dog is always happy and always wanting to play. Thank you so much."

Tia Clouse

"We have four dogs, Gizmo, Pebbles, Snickers, and Sisal. All are miniature breeds and all have been suffering from one thing or another... all of them listed on your list of symptoms. Our Gizmo has had multiple symptoms, and when he is not feeling well, watch out, he is true to his male Lhasa Apso reputation. Bathing him, brushing him, picking him up, all became risky business. His eyes were runny, he limped, licked his paws constantly, especially at night, and moaned sometimes getting up. Very tough to watch. All of the dogs had trouble getting up the stairs.

We have tried numerous products to relieve all the symptoms we were seeing and for some reason or another, we were never able to find a product that they didn't reject.

One week on Flavocin and we want to Thank You, Thank YOU!! Literally in 7 days an improvement in all, Especially Gizmo, whose eyes have absolutely NO discharge, He is laying on the floor again, kicking out his back legs like the old days. He initiates playing again with his buddies, and his personality is bright and happy. In one week! Best part for me? They absolutely LOVE the flavor. Love it! We have a scheduled time for our Flavocin, they know it, and they line up! Thank You again, I love seeing a nurturing formula like this help so dramatically. Flavocin rocks!"

Coleen Darni-Sotire'
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Rex"I have just received the second shipment of Flavocin. My 13yr old dog Rex was having a lot of problems getting up at all. We would have to soak him in the tub to get his hips working enough to go outside to go to the bathroom. I was devastated to see him in so much misery.

I ordered your product and was seeing improvement in 10 days. He was still stiff, but could get up on his own and go for short walks. Now he is going for 2-3 walks a day and I am reining him in from running on these walks. It is almost as if he were a puppy again. The family is so happy to see him back to normal. He loves life again and the smile he has was so missed by us. He absolutely loves the pills and begins begging as soon as we pick up the bottle. We try not to handle it more than two times a day for this reason!

I also love the fast response to emails when I have a question, this is really a quality company. I was shocked when I did not receive a "generic response" that my inquiry was being looked into. But rather you took the time to look up my order and personalize the email with Rex's name. You do not get customer service like this anymore and it was shockingly wonderful to receive.

I have told everyone what a wonderful product this is and would definitely encourage anyone to try it. I have my spoiled rotten dog back and nothing could be sweeter!!"

Rachel Ripp
Waunakee, WI
"Flavocin has been a real lifesaver for our dog, literally! He was so crabby and was biting whenever the kids would accidentally step on his paws or bump into him. Even on a daily basis we could tell something was not right. We were at the point of having to consider putting him down at the age of only 11.

After starting Flavocin, on the recommendation of a canine behaviorist in our area, he's like a new dog. He no longer hobbles around or has trouble jumping up and down from the car. His overall demeanor has markedly improved. We had made some other changes as well, switching his food for one, but for a short period we ran out of Flavocin and could see the symptoms return almost immediately.

Thanks again for offering this product reliably and quickly."

The Monsons
Madison, WI
Earl"I am usually not one to write letters to any business whether it is to complain or rave about a product. But I must write to you to tell you that this product has made a believer out of me when it comes to my dog.

Earl is a 5 yr. old yellow lab that we adopted from the Humane Society when he was 11 weeks old. He has been such a great pet to have in our home. However, due to his size and probably his genetics, he is already experiencing arthritis and hip and foot problems. He had elbow surgery when he was about nine months old and has been on joint medicines since he was a year old. Many things relieved the pain and did their job, but not until I read about your product, Flavocin and I ordered it willing to try anything to help our beloved pet out of his pain, have I seen such a miracle.

Earl is an avid "ball chaser" willing to play ball at all costs. Over the last year it has gotten to the point where we couldn't play it with him and the vet said to keep him to just straight walks, swimming and light jogs. Even these exercises tired him or left him so sore he couldn't move for a day or two. he moaned and groaned whenever getting up or down and it was just so sad to see this young dog acting like an old man.

Well, I am estatic to say that after only one bottle of this wonderful product, Earl is acting like a two year old again with more stamina then the 3 year old golden mix we have. His ability to outrun and outlast any dog at the park and to have this much energy with out the pain and stiffness is just a miracle. I have told all my friends and even the dog trainer at the shelter I used to work at about this. I have done nothing different in Earl's day to day activities, I haven't changed his diet or level of activity except to lengthen it now that he has so much energy. My friends that I walk with and know Earl have noticed a difference in him as well. I can't tell you how great it is to see him like this. I will be a devoted user of Flavocin as long as it is helping him stay healthy.

I have 2 other dogs and have considered starting them on this as well, but for now will just keep my Earl on it as he is the one that is need of it the most.

Thank you for such a great product."

Sheryl Baker
Homestead, FL

Huck“After just a few weeks using Flavocin as a supplement for our Beagle "Huckleberry", we are seeing vast improvement in his mobility and energy levels. He is 7 years old and was having problems with stairs and jumping up, but now flys down or up the stairs as if he was a pup again. We have always fed the best of foods, Natural Balance, etc., but have not experienced a real health improvement until we started using your product. Thank you for giving our little guy a much fuller and happier life."

Paul McMillan
Columbia, TN
"To whom it may concern, I do not know what you have done to my dog (Pretty Boy Floyd), but I could not be more pleased with your product. I have just placed the order for my third 90-day supply of Flavocin and eagerly await it's arrival. I've inadvertantly allowed Floyd to run low, so he's only getting a half dose daily this week.

"Ronnie" is my other little darling. She is an 18 mo. old, 65 lb golden lab mix. Ronnie is just as healthy and spunky as the day is long. Sometimes a little too spunky for Floyd. I believe she caused an initial injury to his back or hind quarter by playfully jumping on his back. I witnessed this "injury" occur, Floyd yelped badly and began to limp. He went directly to the vet who found nothing amiss, diagnosing a bad strain and said to keep him quiet for a few days. Two months later, Floyd still had a VERY weak hind end. It would just collapse beneath him intermittantly.

I began searching the web for help and somehow found your site. Today, at 15 years+, Pretty Boy Floyd is chasing tennis balls with the same tenacity he did as a pup! He has regained most all of his hind end control, getting stronger daily, he has either more energy or less pain, or both! It's almost as if I'm watching him grow younger. He has suffered from skin allergies since he was a pup, these are markedly reduced as well. I don't know what you've done to my dog, but, THANK YOU!"

Micheal Breece
Lafayette, Indiana
Maggie"I just wanted to thank you for helping my dog Maggie. She had been on Rimadyl for over a year and still wasn't getting better. After two weeks on Flavocin, she was back to her old self. She even likes taking it. She thinks it's a treat. I just got on your monthly program and just wanted to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you for doing such a great job!"

Janet Owens
Gaffney, SC
"I actually have about six dogs on your product. I have seen exceptional results... our Boxer could hardly make it up the stairs to go in and out, so I moved her upstairs with us. Since being on Flavocin, for only a month, two pills per day, she is back downstairs, and is coming up too, taking the stairs three or four at a time.

I also have a Boston Terrier who went down on the ice and popped her patella. She could not walk on that hind leg. After a month of being on Flavocin, she is outrunning the other dogs, and is showing absolutely no favoring of the injured leg. I am so impressed with this product. Thank you!"

Jean Hayes
Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada
Moses"Dear ProPet Sciences, I have an 8 year old Pekingese. For the past year and a half, he has had joint pain and inflammation (back and hips), allergies, hair loss and no energy. I had to carry him up and down stairs and steps. He could no longer sit with me in a chair because I was afraid he would jump down and fracture his bones. I was told by the vet that he probably would not be able to walk in another year or two. He was being given shots almost weekly and several medications a day. He also was having seizures. He and I both were a mess. I was praying that God would help him in some way.

I saw your ad for Flavocin in an consumer email that I get daily. I read your report and thought I would give your product a try. I was thinking it probably wouldn't work and I was just wasting my money. Boy, was I wrong. My little dog has been on Flavocin for 30 days. He is no longer on medication, he has a healthy coat, he's playing with his toys again, and chasing whoever will play with him around the house. I am totally amazed and grateful.

Thank God and you for your wonderful product. Thank you so much again and God bless you."

Carolyn Lankford
Scottsboro, Alabama

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